Build Your Professional ePortfolio in English, week(1-4), All Quiz Answers with Assignments.

Build Your Professional ePortfolio

week 1 Assignment:


week 2 Assignment:

week 3 Assignment:

week 4 Assignment:
                  Submit a table which compares your ePortfolio with another professional's ePortfolio. Use the sample table in the General Instructions to guide you. Be sure to include all 5 items for comparison: headline, summary, caption, description, and resume

Personal InformationName: Alan Selim Daowd ShekhmousPlace and date of birth: Alhasaka‐ Amouda20/08/1998Marital status: singleGender: maleContacts: 052733750+963991719283Email: daowdalan@gmail.comObjective:I wish to work in a place that could improve my skills and provide mewith new insight that will help me in the future and add moreexperiences to my job.Qualification:‐ Civil Engineering Student at Al‐Furat university – third year.‐ Certificate in digital marketing Fundamentals from Google.Skills:Computer skills :‐Very good at using (Microsoft office programs– Autocad –adobephotoshop ‐ 3ds max )-High professionalism in dealing with Computer software and hardware.-Very good in exploring internet websites.Workstations :-Worked in an engineering office for two years.-Worked in a logistics office for three months.Languages:-Kurdish: mother languageReading; very good ‐ writing; very good ‐ speaking; advanced-Arabic:Reading; advanced ‐ writing; advanced ‐ speaking; advanced-English:Reading; very good ‐ writing; very good ‐ speaking; goodOther abilities:‐Able to travel anywhere in the governorate.‐Able to work in a tough environment and under pressure.‐Able to tolerate hard circumstances.‐Great sense of responsibility and good communication skills.

Write short reflection (4-5 sentences) about what parts of your ePortfolio you would like to improve or change after having had more exposure to other types of ePortfolios. Include any observations you made while filling out your table.

Headline needed to be brief and more clear. It is needed to be improved. It must be simple, brief and clear. It wrote a headline which is not much clear as it should be and is not attractive .It doesn't include that impressive and eye catching content . I guess my Resume is also needs some improvement. It must be more clear and informative .I am thinking to add more stuff in it.  

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