Business Operations Support in Google Sheets, Coursera Quiz All Answers.


Business Operations Support in Google Sheets

1. In which of the following scenarios will the creation of a form in Google Sheets          be beneficial?

A company wants to track vacation request by Employees.

2.Under which of the following is the option to create a new form in Google Sheets?


3.Which of the following is the best way to track e-mail addresses in a Google              form?

Configure the general tab in settings to track the email addresses.

4.Which of the following should be done to ensure a requester completes a                  question?

Select the required button at the bottom of the question.

5.Which of the following statements is true in regards to the tab that contains the         form responses?

You can rename the tab without affecting the import of response.

6.Under which of the following will data validation be found?


7.Which of the following formulas is constructed correctly?


8.What is the default result of a checkbox that is checked in Google Sheets?


9.Which of the following is the best fit for a summary tab?

A count of how many projects a employee is assigned.

10.You are building a summary tab and want to count responses that meet the              following criteria:


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