Inspiring and Motivating Individuals, week(1-4) All Quiz Answers With Assignments.

Inspiring and Motivating Individuals

week 1 Assignment:

Part I. Set a SMART goal for your team. Describe the goal in terms of the SMART framework, providing evidence in support for each dimension of a SMART goal.

First i want beginning with golden say "Goals are pure fiction unless you have a specific plan for achieving them" Stephen Covey .
Objective: I want to increase sales of my e-shop. 
Description: To grow my store profits I need to improve sales by developing a marketing strategy and delivering quality products.
Specific: In our last monetary report indicating that online store deals are low, we have to improve store execution to build benefits.
Measurable: By one year from now, we ought to have the option to raise benefits by 150%.
Realizable:  Improving promoting and deals plans has a significant job in raising benefits.
Related: Working to build deals and increment benefits helps store development and advancement. 
Exact time: Within a half year we should have the option to accomplish the necessary rate.

Part II. Describe potential risks of this goal and how you are planning to mitigate them.

Potential risks of this goal:
1.Availability required, with increased demand.
2.Delivery problems.
3.Payment problems.

How can I planning to mitigate them? 
1.Increased import or manufacture of required materials.
2.Attention to the fleet or a partnership contract with a specialized shipping company.
3.Diversify payment methods and use reliable methods.

Part III. Propose three concrete strategies to help accomplish each of the following: (1) Make the goal meaningful; (2) Allow for autonomy in attaining that goal; (3) Enable teammates to use and learn various skills in attaining that goal; (4) Communicate the goal to your team in a way that aligns with the vision you created for your team (during Week 1).

1.Include a way to measure personal performance.
2. Set goals at the team level.
3.submitting chance for employees development.

week 4 Assignment:

Identify one subordinate, one peer, and one superior (supervisor, mentor, senior advisor) among your colleagues or broader contacts. If you do not have subordinates, seek feedback from two peers instead. Clearly identify the sources from whom feedback was sought (e.g., Peer A and Peer B, Supervisor). If you do not have a supervisor, solicit feedback from your mentor instead. Seek feedback from these individuals on a particular skill covered in this leadership specialization (e.g., communication skills, inspiring and motivating others, working in teams, your influence and persuasion, etc.).

In a 1-2 page document, summarize the feedback you received while referencing the sources (you can omit specific names and just cite “supervisor”), and outline a development plan for the identified developmental opportunities.

 leadership is the art of motivating a group of people to act toward achieving a common goal.

 In a business setting, this can mean directing workers and colleagues with a strategy to meet the company's needs. ... Put even more simply, the leader is the inspiration for and director of the action

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