Understanding Clinical Research: Behind the Statistics, All Quiz Answers with Assignments.


Understanding Clinical Research: Behind the                             Statistics

Week 1 Assignment:

Using PubMed, search for an article where a study type is used. Post the URL of your article.Please make sure the article is freely available.


Enter title of your article.

pharmacological treatment options for episodic migraines

Identify and briefly describe the clinical problem that the authors describe in your article. You may include quotes from the article.

The clinical problem being looked into by the authors was the question about what pharmacological therapies are proven effective for migraine preventionthe study type used in the mentioned study was systematic review. sentences indicating the study used from the article are- under the heading of description of the analytical process it says that- an author panel of headache and methodological experts were assembled to review the evidence. computerised searches of MEDLINE, psycINFO, CINAHL databases identified new studies. another sentence which can be mentioned is at least two panelists independently reviewed each study and rated it according to AAN therapeutic classification of evidence scheme

Identify the study type which the authors describe using. Name the study type and quote a few sentences from the article which indicate the study type (please provide your reviewer with page numbers if available).

The authors wanted to investigate the types of pharmacological treatment options available for episodic migraines and their effectiveness. systematic review was chosen as the study type because it allowed the authors to read, collect and analyse a number of abstracts and research papers over a period of ten years. they were able to include and exclude and grade various articles with the help of panelists. this method gave them not only a qualitative outlook but also a quantitative point of view. in this type of study differences in opinion were resolved on the basis of discussion and opinions were put forward to reach a mutual conclusion

Write a paragraph identifying the study type as described in the paper. From what you understand, explain what they wanted to investigate and why they chose the study type.

This experimental study is randomised with independent concurrent controls.This clinical trial aims to compare two braf inhibitors and compare both efficacy andtolerability.The authors chose this study type to get independent and comparable results of tolerability, potentency and efficacy between two treatments. They chose to randomise the study to remove bias to the results.

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