Write Professional Emails in English , week (1-5), All quiz Answers with Assignments.

Write Professional Emails in English

week 1 Assignment:


Submit your new and improved email here. Use the following format to make your email submission clear to your peer reviewers.

My Revised Version of Kevin Johnson's Email

  • Subject:
  • Greeting:
  • Email Text:
  • Closing&Signature
Dear ABC Furniture,
my name is Kevin Johnson. I would like to cancel my order of the chair, that I ordered last week with a reference No.xxxx.I would like to know if I can get my money back to my account.

                                                                                                      Kevin Johnson

week 2 Assignment:


Complete the subject line. Think about length and clarity of purpose.

Monica Moore, Accounting job at ABC, Inc.


Complete the greeting. Remember the greeting should be formal and directed appropriately to the reader.

Dear sir,


Complete the controlling idea. Remember the controlling idea expresses the purpose of the email.

I recently came across a job on your portal, which I am interested in applying for. The position of accountant job at ABC, Inc


Complete the conclusion. The conclusion should include words of appreciation or words that can leave a positive final impression.

Please take a minute to go through the attached cover letter and CV for your consideration. It would be a pleasure if I can hear back from you regarding my job application for ABC, Inc.

week 3 Assignment:

Write and submit your introduction email. Before you submit, make sure it has the four main parts of an email and uses punctuation and capitalization accurately. Use the following format to help your peers review your email more easily:

My Introduction Email

  • Subject:
  • Greeting:
  • Email Text:
  • Closing:

Dear Utkarsh,
I hope to find you in good health, so basically I am from India and my native language is Hindi. in India there is high-context communication culture, where the business is done by building relationships and maintaining respectful communication. Individualistic cultures promote the development of individual values and independent social groups. 
One thing other people need to remember when they write to people in your country is that we prefer to build relationships and maintain respectful communication, and the three most important things for writing a professional mail are subject, introduction, and conclusion.
The advice I got from this course is that I got to know the best ways to write professional emails and understand the points to remember while writing one.

Utkarsh Dubey

week 4 Assignment:


When you are ready, write and submit one paragraph that includes:

1. An apology for the mistake (not attaching the documents to the email message).

2. A request for Carl to explain the situation to his superiors.

3. A request for Carl to send the signatures as soon as possible.

Dear Carl,good day.
I'm sorry that I forgot to attach the documents to my previous email. Now documents are attached.
Kindly ask to share my apologies to your bosses and ask them to sign the documents, so that I could finalize our business deal.
Please send me signed documents as soon as possible, since the deadline for the deal is coming soon.Thank you in advance for your kind assistance.

week 5 Assignment:


Write and submit your email to yourself. Before you submit, make sure it has the four main parts of an email and all the information needed in your email text. Double check to see that it uses punctuation and capitalization accurately as well as polite and professional language. Use the following format to help your peers review your email more easily:

My Email to Myself

  • Subject:
  • Greeting:
  • Email Text:
  • Closing:

Dear Mark, good day.

Thank you for agreeing to talk to Alicia about her job search. She has recently graduated from the National Veterinary University. I’ve copied her on this email, so you can connect directly for more details.

Alicia, Mark is a great Vet with over 5 years of experience. He will tell you everything about this profession and will help you to become his assistant.

Regards, Daria.

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