Introduction to Imagemaking, All Quiz Answers with Assignments.

Introduction to Imagemaking

week 1 Assignment :


Write a short paragraph that describes your process for collecting images and then refining your images into your final selection. What strategies did you use? What sources did you consult? What criteria made you choose one image over another?

Already being fond of octopuses, I had a number of images already on my Pinterest boards and around my house, but I wanted to expand past that. I initially did a web search of articles to learn more about octopus anatomy and facts about how they live. There are such a large variety of octopus, and some are able to change colour and texture, that the visual possibilities are almost endless. I then did a google images search and captured many different octopuses swimming, resting on the ground, escaping from jars, as well as videos of them swimming. Without really trying, I ended up with over 125 source images. Choosing which ones to use for the mood board initially limited by which images I was able to download effectively. Then I tried to select one picture for the various angles and motions of the octopus, samples of the variety of their colours , and some factual information.


Upload your PDF moodboard containing your 10 chosen images

week 2 Assignment :


Write a short paragraph on your process for creating the various representative forms of your subject. What process worked well for you? Or not at all? Do you feel that all of the images are adequate representations of your subject? Is there something you made that particularly excites you?

The first representation is a drawing on a photo because it's the closest to real that I can represent. I liked the gouache painting in the second image. I feel like it still represents the fairy realistically versus the continuous line drawing in the next image. I made a few of these in the exploration assignment and really liked how they turned out.


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week 3 Assignment :


Write a short paragraph that describes your process of assembling each spread. What are some things you learned in the process of playing with compositional hierarchy? What strategies did you use to generate your iterative spread?

I used 2 images of cat, both watching at different angle.  I tried to manipulate them to show the different relational composition.


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week 4 Assignment :


Submit the link to your book as a “flippable” PDF hosted on Issuu or other similar service.

TIP: If you use Issuu, make sure you share the correct URL to your published document. Otherwise, your peers may not be able to view your work.


Write your artist’s statement explaining the approach you took in laying out your images throughout your book.

For this book, I wanted to portray a sentiment that may be a lot of people can have. One that expresses am on to one routine that you are so stuck with, having to deal with all types of people, feeling sad/lonely and frustrated. I wanted to extend what consequences may lead by living is such a hectic life. This was a narrative type of book in which you can see composition all hierarchy by having a main point of focus in a spread,dealing with space by adding a lot of koalas which can mean a world/room full of koalas (which can see pretty from the outside, but are totally different in the inside)and a relationship with figure/ground having only three dots in one page and many more examples.I also wanted to having a contrast within colour, firstly used a lot of bright colours but in the end it was the opposite. Hope that you can see some of the shared narrative.

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