Managing Talent, week(1-4) ,All Quiz Answers With Assignments.

Managing Talent

week 2 Assignment :

Describe the situation and diagnose why you think this individual is under-performing.

Ideally, all employees should understand what is expected of them, and indeed if you feel this isn’t clear,then they may not even realise they are underperforming.

Ask yourself these questions before approaching the person.

1.Have all employees been told explicitly what you expect from them?
2.Do they understand what the repercussions are from underperformance?
3.Are they given regular and clear training, such as face to face, training materials or otherwise?
4.Are you confident that they understand they are underperforming?
If you feel that they are not even aware of their own performance failures, perhaps education rather than confrontation, is what is actually needed.

How would you help coach or develop this individual to improve his or her performance? What steps would you take?

Too often these issues go unaddressed.  ”Most performance problems aren’t dealt with directly,” says Weintraub. “More often, instead of taking action, the manager will transfer the person somewhere else or let him stay put without doing anything.”This is the wrong approach. Never allow underperformance to fester on your team. It’s rare that these situations resolve themselves. It’ll just get worse. You’ll become more and more irritated and that’s going to show and make the person uncomfortable,” says Manzoni. If you have an issue, take steps toward solving it as soon as possible.

How would you communicate these steps to the person?

Ask others what you might be missing Before you act, make sure to look at the problem objectively. You might talk to the person’s previous boss or someone who’s worked with him, or conduct a 360 review. When approaching other people, though, do it carefully and confidentially. Manzoni suggests you might say something like: “I’m worried that my frustration may be clouding my judgment. All I can see are the mistakes he’s making. I want to make an honest effort to see what I’m missing.” Look for evidence that might prove your 
assumptions wrong.

What developmental assignments would you create for this person to address the performance issues?

For example, in the planning that was created, I would make it possible for him to control himself with the reward-punishment
 method by putting a click next to everything he did and could be able to, and if he continued this for three days, he would
 eventually put on a reward that he liked. He could also adapt to the developments in his homework faster

week 4 Assignment :

Describe the position for which you are hiring, explain why that position is critical to your business strategy, and identify the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to perform well in this position.

We are looking for an HR manager for our hospital. To oversee all aspects of human resources and process. A Well-motivated and appropriately skilled and deployed workforce is crucial for the success of the organization. HR manager should have complete knowledge about their duties and responsibilities. Some of the skills required for HR manager are critical thinking, complex problem solving, communication skills, decision making skills, motivational skills,leadership skills, coordination etc. HR manager should make a friendly atmosphere in the organization.

What is your recruitment strategy and brand as it relates to this position?

1. Develop a clear employer brand
2. Create job posts that reflect our company
3. Using social media
4. Consider college recruiting
5. Conducting interviews

How will you ensure you select the best candidate?

1.Look for a career oriented person
2. Asses for practical experience
3. Test our candidates
4. Focus more on specific experience and accomplishments
5. Evaluate their work ethic and attitude.

How will you onboard the new employee?

1. Set attainable 90- day goals
2. Create an employee playbook

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