Reproducible Research, week (1-4) All Quiz Answers with Assignments.

Reproducible Research

Week 2 Assignment :


Please submit the URL pointing to your GitHub repository containing the documents for this assignment. (NOTE: Please submit the URL for the entire repository, not for any individual files.)


On a separate line, submit the SHA-1 hash identifier corresponding to the commit that contains the full submission (the identifier should be a string of 40 characters containing numbers 0-9 and letters a-f).


Week 4 Assignment :


Please submit the URL from RPubs that points to your full report for this assignment.

NOTE: The URL for the RPubs document should begin with http:// (not https://)


NOTE: If you are having trouble connecting with RPubs due to proxy-related or other issues, you can upload your final analysis document file as a PDF to Coursera instead.

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