Human-Centered Design: an Introduction, week (1-4) All Quiz Answers with Assignments

Human-Centered Design: an Introduction

week 2 Assignment :


Script: Submit your setup portion of your script.

Location: Interviewee's Home (A familiar location so that the interviewee feels comfortable) Materials: iPhone recording application, tablet for taking notes and reading script. Contextual Info: Hope to glean some information based off of the number of vehicles and locale of the area.


Script: Submit your introduction & participant background portion of your script.

Thank you for agreeing to take part in this interview. The upcoming questions are designed to glean more information about what methods of transportation you use in your daily life. There are no incorrect answers to these questions -- I'm simply interested in how your methods of transportation are integrated in your day-today life. I will be recording the interview using this phone's audio recording feature and taking down notes on this tablet. Do you have any questions before we start?


Script: Submit the main interview questions portion of your script.

1. What are your main methods of transportation? 2. In this past week, how often did you go out using these methods of transportation? 3. Do you use different models of vehicles on different outings? 4. Of these vehicles, is there one that you prefer more than the other? 5. When you last went out, what was the main purpose for that outing? 6. Do you recall feeling any strong emotions, such as frustration or joy, during that outing? 7. Was there any event that occurred while driving that made the trip interesting or different than usual? 8. When you are our driving to complete an errand, are there any decisions you make in order to get from point A to point B? 9. When you came back from the recent outing, do you recall feeling any particular emotions?

Script: Submit the "In Closing" portion of your script.

That about wraps up my questions. I do have one more questions however: On an ideal day, what would make for the perfect drive/outing? What conditions and/or method of transportation would create an ideal outing? That concludes the questions I have for you. Do you have any additional questions for me? Thank you for your time. Your input is appreciated.


Submit the Soundcloud URL of your interview recording here. Remember to make sure the recording is “Public” so it can be peer reviewed. If you are a user with mobility limitations, you may include a URL to an alternative form of documentation here.


Short Reflection: Submit a short reflection on your experience.

Writing open-ended questions was more nuanced than I originally thought. While conducting the interview, I found that some question that I initially thought were open-ended resulted in yes/no responses. I realize that my error in these questions lie in the fact that I expected an open-ended response; rephrasing these questions with "what" instead of "do you recall" might help in future interviews. On the other hand, this interview highlighted how much the average drive to the store can be improved upon. Perhaps it was interviews like these that helped creators with the development of applications such as Waze.

week 3 Assignmen:


In the textbox provided submit your 3 design ideas. Please make sure it is clear where one idea ends and the next begins.

A community-run app with walking routes, landmarks, and up-to-date happenings (like murals, yard-sales, or construction) that might affect local walkers. Design Solution 2: When a user types driving directions into their phone, anything 2 miles or less triggers a "Why Not Walk?" alert. The user collects weekly information regarding gas saved, money saved, and their environmental impact by choosing walking over driving. Design Solution 3: Labeled walking routes in cities, similar to hiking trails. This encourages tourists to walk instead of take public transportation or cabs to see new cities by reducing the cognitive load of creating your own route.

Heuristic Evaluation

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