Managing Employee Compensation, week (1-4) All Quiz Answers with Assignments.


 Managing Employee Compensation

Week 3 Assignment :


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1. Staff title: Assistant Accountant Assistant accountant staff is responsible for the entire accounts administrative duties, as well as initiating contact with delinquent clients through telephone to payment which is secured, ad assisting in printing and mailing statements, going through the account histories with clients, as well as payment postings, memos on credits and adjustments. Day - to - day operations include and are extended to recurring phone activity and use of computer, including maintaining filing and faxing of customer invoices and information and meeting monthly accounts receivable goals. Daily accuracy of of work is necessary for inventory control and accountability. Additional tasks encompass housekeeping and adherence to healthy and safety. Qualifications - Accurate typing at 40 words per minute - 2-4 years of telephone experience - Prior accounting experience - PC skills, software skills including MS office (especially Excel and PowerPoint) 2. This vacancy opening is not exempt from FLSA since it is not required to have a degree and has no subordinates and management is not part of the job description. 3. Benefits: - Pension or 450K (no employee contribution is required, the company will contribute 14% ) - Paid sick leave, Personal, Holidays/Vacations - Deducibles for Medical, Dental and Vision through Cigna - Scholarship worth 4000.00 US dollars per annum to enable pay for medical Perks include: - Onsite reduction charge for Child care - Company closes for 2,5 weeks for Christmas and pays for Christmas leave 4. These types of benefits and perks are normally not always the case in this field. Many companies normally have 450k . Numerous enterprises only offer PTO over multiple paid days off. The medical cover is worthwhile, but a lot of companies in this area only offer large deductibles in terms of insurance and therefore the choice provided to have the low deductible is a good alternative/option. The scholarship is what I did not see to be offered all too often or not at all. That package will be available with low pay in comparison to other firms and is a field which many people do not see as acceptable for living. The firm tries to apply benefits in order to attract talents who will likely go to search alternative location for similar positions. This firm will be funded by a state that try to cut costs of salaries and benefits, so there is a lot of fixed benefits that help the firm budget where a raise and short or long term incentives are not made available. 5. Perks are onsite and child care cost is reduced. This helps them to attract more of a tied down sort of staff, those who look to join for a long period.

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