Managing Employee Performance, week (1-4) All Quiz Answers with Assignments.

Managing Employee Performance

week 2 Assignment: 

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1)JOB DESCRIPTION: Administrative office workers provide support to workers throughout the organisation. The administrators skills relating to legal team management. In this organisation the administrator should include employees and diversity. 

2)OBJECTIVES OF THIS ORGANISATION: IMPROVE COMMUNICATION SKILLS: in a sense of looking for points where we will come to an agreement whenever an argument arises. In doing that we learn respect and help the organisation grow as we work together. Improve Teamwork: In order to reach our targets or goals we'll first need to learn how to work as a team. When you work as a team we tend to put our best foot forward and support one another Getting Clients: Administrators can look at how things are being run and in that see how the clients react to different products and which are the most popular. In doing that we attract more clients through word of mouth due to client satisfaction.

 3)Employee Performance Objectives (MBOs): Increase the level of autonomy and allow the employee to manage their own work, so that they set goals and acheive better results for both themselves and the company>. Time Management: Reduce the working hours Bring Company expenses down by personal growth which in turn helps unnecessary spending and waste. 

4)Major Tasks Provide incentives for the company to motivate employees Encourage employees to work together as a team eg: team building exercises Always include employees in group projects Always make clear your objectives of the goals you want to achieve. 

5)Write a Justification for Each MBO. Reducing work times allows workers to produce more at the same time. More production,more profit.autonomy and empowerment of employees can help improve the well-being of individuals and at the same time the well-being of the team. Bringing company expenses down helps both the company financially and it helps the employees personal growth because the company can/may use the saved up expenses as incentives which will allow employees to work harder to reach their goal.

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