Supply Chain Analytics Essentials ,week (1-4) All Quiz Answers with Assignments.


 Supply Chain Analytics Essentials

week 1 Assignment :


Please provide a story or an example of supply chain management

The well-known supermarket chain D-Mart is run by  Avenue Supermarts Ltd. founded in 2002 and the first  branch was opened in Mumbai. The supermarket was a  great competitor to the Vishal MegaMart. DMart provided a large variety of goods and products to its  customers at a much more cheaper price than the Vishal  MegaMart, their success was lead by the better  customer relations by making only 2% to 3% marginal  profits and paying up their deliveries within 48 hours  whereas in the case of Vishal MegaMart they were not  paying much attention to their capital but busy in  expanding their stores in every city. DMart firstly used to  stabilize the store and then opens the other which lead  to less failure.


How is this story / example related to supply chain?

Since DMart was punctual in paying with their delivery of  products and had good customer relations and they  maintain their inventory in a very organized manner  helped in maintaining a proper supply chain.


Please explain why this story / example have a significant social / economic impact?

I have selected this story because it sets a better  example of the supply chain management and PPC, this story shows not only expansion of your business is  necessary but the management of it is also necessary.'

week 4 Assignment :

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