Visual Elements of User Interface Design, week (1-4) All Quiz Answers with Assignments.

Visual Elements of User Interface Design

week 2 Assignment :


Write a short description of your project idea. The description should answer the following questions: What is it, Who is it for, and Where does it live?

Heart Calmer acts as a heartbeat monitor for people who are suffering anxiety attacks and anger management issues. Aiming to assist in managing their emotional fluctuation and become a tool of habit, the digital app allows for an awareness and presentness of the user regarding their emotional state.


Write a tagline for your project, using suitable language aligned with the intended audience.

Keep calm and check your heart


Describe the main activity or function of the app. What will the user be able to do from the app's home screen?

The app shows the user their heart rate, as they calm themselves while in check of their pulse in response to their current condition.

week 3 Assignment :

week 4 Assignment :

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