Finance for Everyone: Markets, week (1-4) All Quiz Answers with Assignments.


Finance for Everyone: Markets 

Week 4 Assignment : 



You've chosen a concept covered during the course that you're interested in preparing a lesson or presentation about, and delivered or taught this to someone you know who is not financially literate.

Below, submit the main bullet points or summary paragraphs of the lesson or presentation you taught (aim for 2-3 paragraphs or 300 - 500 words). You can optionally also provide a link to slides, a video or audio file, etc., but please ensure you provide text which covers the main points of your lesson or presentation.


Below your presentation bullets or paragraphs, add a written reflection which answers the following questions:

  • Who was your 'student' that you presented your lesson/presentation to?
  • What went well during your lesson?
  • What you would change (if anything)?
  • What feedback did you receive from your 'student'?
  • Finally, discuss the experience with respect to developing confidence in your ability to converse with others about financial concepts.

As part of the cumulative assignment for Markets, I decided to teach my parents about bond markets. The reason for picking bond markets was influenced by debt playing a big role in our everyday personal and professional lives, most of which is financed and facilitated through bond markets. The current global debt dump stands at around 61 trillion dollars, about onethird of which is financed through bonds. The current world debt or credit market is about 3 times the size of the world equity market, meaning we are issuing more money in debt than we actually own. Learning about how bond markets work will be essential in our understanding of major present and future economic events that will affect our everyday living. The presentation was short and easily understandable, I decided to make several connections to our personal lives and initiate many questions as I wanted the presentation to be very interactive where I can learn as well. This allowed me to listen to my student's viewpoint and shape my explanations and arguments according to his interest level. For example, for my parents most of my discussion was centered around mortgage bonds as they are currently looking to purchase a home. One difficulty I faced when teaching was to get them to be interested in the economic and political implications of bond markets as some of the economic concerns about the bond market did not exist 30 years ago and the interest was not there. No pun intended. Over the last 15 years, world bond market has more than tripled in size, drawing more attention from the global media. Two changes I would like to implement in future presentations is to add more text to my presentation for it to serve as a reference point in my discussions if it goes slightly off topic and to make more references to current news that the students can relate to. Through this project, I realized how complex financial concepts can be dissected into simple points and discussed in an understandable manner. I feel more confident in my financial knowledge and want to continue my education in finance through Finance for Everyone.

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