Recruiting, Hiring, and Onboarding Employees, week (1-4) All Quiz Answers with Assignments.


 Recruiting, Hiring, and Onboarding Employees


Week 1 Assignment : 

Week 4 Assignment :


How Your Work Will be Graded:

The assignment is worth a total possible 25 points.

  • Uniqueness of points across employees (2 points)
  • Number of points per employee (3 points)
  • Importance of the points for each employee (10 points)
  • Accuracy of the points for each employee (10 points)

Pre-Employment Interview 

Pre-Employment test and Interviews are a big part of the onboarding process in today’s job market. Pre-Employment testing is way in which companies can screen potential candidates for a certain position that is being posted. “Pre-Employment tests are used to screen job applicants and can include testing of cognitive abilities, knowledge, work skills, physical and motor abilities, emotional intelligence, language proficiency, and even integrity.”(Quast, 2011). These tests can let supervisors  see firsthand the strengths and weaknesses of the job applicants they are screening. The testing also helps save time for  the supervisors as the tests will give direct results for each candidate.  By using the testing, the supervisors can weed 
out the applicants for who best fits each position that is being listed, and it also lets the supervisors test a magnitude of different characteristics. (Quast, 2011). Although Pre- Employment testing is good, it also can have its drawbacks too. Some issues for the testing can include “validity; whether or not the test measures the specific criteria is it supposed  to measure and can asked can then give a general idea as to what type of candidate is in front of the supervisor and if they would be an ideal match for the company.
Hiring of the employee  

The hiring process involves pre-employment test and interviews, as well as paperwork such as the signing of policies and background checks. The pre-employment tests are the beginning steps to determine the strengths and weaknesses for each candidate for the job. Supervisors should first determine the need for the position and the type of candidate  needed for the job. The testing for the candidate should be based on the job description, duties and fulfillments needed. (Heathfield, 2020). Reviewing the applications is a major part of the hiring process even after the Pre-Employment  Testing and Interviews are conducted to check out the candidates and if they are qualified for the position. Another  part of the hiring process is paperwork. The paperwork part of the hiring process can be anything from reviewing company policies to then filling out paperwork to get the background check passed. The biggest issue with paperwork is that it needs to be done in a timely manner. (Heathfield, 2020). 

The Orientation of the Employee

Whenever a company brings on a new employee orientation is something that is considered, and the type of orientation is key too.The orientation for the new employees needs to be simple as you do not want to overwhelm or stress out the new employees. O’Toole, 2019). A supervisor should avoid using videos that bore the employee, long drawn out lectures, and overwhelming the new employee with learning names of everyone, facts and information that is crammed into an eight-hour workday. (O’Toole,2019). Some types of training could be online modules that outline the rules, regulations and the duties of the job.When creating an online training for the employee, the supervisor must consider the main goals he or she wants to obtain with the online orientation prior to having the new employee start the training. (Pappas, 2015). The employees should have access  to resources that better assist them in their onboarding and help them to better understand their job. (Pappas, 2015). 

Training of the new employee

When training a new employee, the type of training should be considered what type of training works best. Online training modules can be boring and lengthy. Supervisors should consider the types of online training that can be effective and those that can also be tedious. One online training that is beneficial is the Learning Management Systems(LMS). The LMS is a software that gives  supervisors a system for coordinating and fusing all of the company polices into a clear learning route. (Andriotis, 2019). 
The LMS software is a great tool since it lets the supervisors design the personalized curriculum for the trainings they offer  employees. Physical training such as job shadowing or observing is another great tool. By letting the new employee see what  their job entails from the perspective of a current employee, the new employee gets a hands-on approach to training and then  learn tips and tricks of the trade from someone who has been with the company for a while. 



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