Introduction to Cloud Computing, week(1-5) All Quiz Answers with Assignments.

 Introduction to Cloud Computing


Upload a screenshot showing Bucket details of a bucket in your instance of Cloud Object Storage. You should have captured this screenshot from Task III Step 1 of the previous hands-on lab. If you were not able to successfully create the Bucket, then upload the SAMPLE IMAGE screenshot above (in which case you will answer the next few questions based on the sample image).

TIP: If the screenshot appears small and is hard to read try zooming in by pressing "Ctrl" and "+" keys together (Mac: "Command" and "+"), or Right-click on the image and "View Image" (Firefox) or "Open Image in new Tab" (Chrome).


Copy and paste the Bucket name of the Object Storage Bucket from the screenshot of the Bucket details you uploaded

text data.pic


Indicate the Storage Class and Resiliency values of the Cloud Object Storage Bucket for which you uploaded the screenshot in Question 1.

training data


Recall, from an earlier lesson that Resiliency of Object Storage is selected based on data protection and access you require. Choose “Cross Region” to store your data across three regions within a geography for highest availability and resiliency. Choose “Regional” to store your data across multiple data center facilities within a single geographic region for best availability and performance. Choose “Single Data Center” to store your data across multiple devices in a single data center for when data locality matters most.

Similarly, you select Storage Class (or tier) of your Object Storage based on how often you expect to read the stored data, and impacts its cost. For example Choose "Standard" for active workloads.

Provide two other possible values for the Storage Class, other than "Standard".

direct method 

indirect method


Share the public URL of the index.html file shared from your Cloud Object Storage Bucket (last step in the previous hands on lab). If you were not able to susccessfully share your bucket, please copy and paste the URL value from SAMPLE Submission above.

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