English for Career Development, week(1-5) All Quiz Answers with Assignments.


 English for Career Development

WEEK 1 :


Write 5-8 sentences comparing/contrasting the job search process in your country and the United States.

As I'm a civil servant, I do know well the proccess of the board examns to become a civil servant, but i've to admit I've never been in a jon interview! I guess in Spain is much the same a in the United States, since many companies hire International Consultings to meke ther employees selection. Other option, is the personal search throgh relatives, friends, former teachers, former employers. I think this is one of the most usual methods of entering a job in my country. Also, many students get their jobs from thir internships in different companies, where they finish their end their degree and star their professional lives. Finally, there is a Job finding office in each region, but it's most about employement echanges and thing like that, and it's focused in non-skilled jobs, as waiter, claning serivices, etc.

WEEK 2 :


Write your own one-page resume following the examples and guidelines in the unit.

thinktomake966*******- *******@outlook.com Objective:customer service officer Education: bachelor of management GBA:70 Experience: I was increase the marketing al though the risis present And developed all the good skills

WEEK 3 :


Answer the following questions about another student's cover letter.




Address:-srinagar ,H:no-11-1-116/8 Dhammapeta centre, palwancha.

O&M Hiring Manager C-Block K.T.P.S 5th stage palwancha 6589-589-7415 Hiring&m@gmail.com

Dear [Hari Haran sir]. 

“I Am” writing to apply for Junior Engineer opening in K.T.P.S at Palwancha. As I am a fresher so I had no relevant work experience but as per my study and knowledge concern I had good working knowledge and the job is closely related to what is had studied which has been mentioned in your job advertisement. In my role as Junior Engineer for K.T.P.S, I proved to be efficient, enthusiastic, and better employer. My value quickly become apparent to organization after I singly manage the work assigned to me as a part of that I do always work for the growth of organization. I put my skill’s and knowledge as far as concern for the success of organization. Junior Engineer post would be benefit from my skills in the following areas: Excellent Academic Background percentage Ability to use different types of methods for problem solving Positive attitude even under pressure Ability to work in any geographical condition I believe my skills and attitude will be great success for many years to come, and my extensive dedication towards work ensure your establishment succeeds well into the future, my time spent in this industry has prepared me for such an opportunity, and I sincerely hope I can contribute soon as a member of your Organization. Yours Sincerely, 


WEEK 4 :


Write a networking elevator speech introducing yourself.

Hello, I am Anagha A. Pande, Currently working as an accountan at Star limited. I am very enthusiastic and determimat girl, having good knowledge of verious languages and also completed my MBA in marketing. I am looking for new job opportunities in marketing and sales. Is there is any vacancy in xyz organization ???

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