Medical Technology and Evaluation, week (1-4) All Quiz with Answers.

 Medical Technology and Evaluation



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Question 1 

With the recent movement toward patient-centered care, an analysis from patient perspective is very beneficial. During such analysis we measure health- related quality of life, patient preference, and/or the portion of health care costs that patients are responsible for. Expenses that patients pay for medical products or health care services not covered by their health insurance also play a major role. So in our case we will have to look at what amount of money from the device cost is covered by the insurance, how this particular treatment affects patients’ quality of life compared to there treatments. We will also review non medical costs, such as travelling to the hospital and how frequently it needs to be done to check the device. If we are talking about societal perspective, we will be looking at the society overall: the desirability of device application for large groups of people, profitability of the device application. It is also important to understand how many people have a certain disease and how their current treatment differs from our new device. 

Question 2 

I would prefer a micro-costing method, which disaggregates health care utilization into fundamental units, for this particular case. This method requires requires close examination of the actual resources used by every particular patient, which provides us with plenty sources to collect the information from.  Pros: More accurate than gross-costing Provides us with more detailed information Cons: The data collected can vary significantly It is pretty hard to collect all the information as it needs a lot of effort This method will require us to collect electronic medical records, chart reviews, itemized bills. There's a large variance in the ability of providers and other healthcare professionals or resources to capture correct and accurate micro-level data.  I think, that this particular method has a lot more pros, considering the fact, that we are dealing with a new device and detailed information is much preferred. 

Question 3 

Cost effectiveness analysis or cost benefit analysis CBA measures, where benefits outweigh the costs. The benefits are measured in natural units, such as length of stay, the number, or amount, or length of symptoms, or time until mortality. However, I feel like this method is not as comprehensive and is more subjective. CBA is preferable in my opinion, as it is a more complete analysis, which measures the dollar value, rather than life expectancy etc in CEA. It requires more data and will give us a better understanding of what to expect from the use of our device.


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